'Europe, We Have A Problem!'--8 Facts About Female Entrepreneurs In The Digital Age

Europe needs and wants more entrepreneurs, more innovation, more growth, more digital, more women leaders and founders. Among the various initiatives aimed at correcting this is the EU project titled "Peer-learning activities in entrepreneurship education and women entrepreneurship". As part of this initiative, there are 8 main facts about women entrepreneurs that you should know.

11 Inspiring Black Women Founders You Need To Know

Some of today’s most brilliant, recognizable brands began their journeys as small companies, with founders who worked endlessly to nurture and grow them into important parts of our everyday lives. In a time when talk of diversity is being discussed every other minute, the lack of visible black women founders is a problem. Maybe knowledge or exposure is to blame, but whatever the case, this needs to change. Read through for 11 black women founders you need to know.

Just 34 Black Women Founders Have Raised Over $1 Million in Venture Funding Since 2009

A new report shows that black women entrepreneurs have made some gains raising venture capital. But they're still falling woefully behind.

When Women Control the Money, Female Founders Get Funded

On a frigid evening in January, some 275 entrepreneurs filed into the SoHo outpost of The Wing, the women-only co-working club, for a women-only pitch night. They grabbed seats (pink folding chairs, mint settees, maroon couches) as well as sustenance (crudités, cheese, wine) ahead of the main event: Ten start-ups would present their business propositions to potential investors as well as those interested in learning from or working with them.