Money is money, and it can be hard to come by -- we get that. But finding your tribe, your joy, your shared values and your advocates, that's EVERYTHING!  

We have a BIG, BOLD vision to drive billions of dollars to Women of Color entrepreneurs globally and we leave no woman behind in our ecosytem.

VC math of making hundreds of investments in the hope of 1 unicorn is not how we define success. 

We want to to empower the community to support you, champion you and invest in a future we can all get excited about! BIG and BOLD does not scare us -- it is why we do what we do and why we think WOMEN can do it.  

Here are the things we want to see in the world: AI, Gaming, HealthcareIT, FinIT, Crypto, CyberSecurity, Robotics and the like.

Are you solving a BIG, BOLD consumer problem in those sectors? Then, tell us more!