Welcome to the About page for  Intent Manifesto

iNTENT Manifesto provides various educational services in the form of online classes, programs, workshops, seminars, in the fields of

  • growing women of color entrepreneurs

  • Growing communities of women entrepreneurs

  • Supporting diversity in entrepreneurship

  • Supporting entrepreneurs in the African Diaspora

We also offer educational services via our website featuring blogs and non-downloadable publications in the nature of newsletters and articles in the fields of innovation, technology, design, startups, diversity, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, gender issues, women of color entrepreneurs, women of color technology founders, women of color investing, culture, unconscious bias, finance, business, social media, marketing, money management, human resources, activism, communications, psychology, politics, global issues, the African Diaspora, Africa, Afro-Americans, Afro-Latino's, Afro-Caribbeans, investing, supporting entrepreneurs from the African Diaspora, supporting entrepreneurs from Africa, supporting Afro-American entrepreneurs, supporting Afro-Latino entrepreneurs, supporting Afro-Caribbean entrepreneurs, supporting women of color entrepreneurs, supporting African-American women entrepreneurs, supporting African-American technology founders, supporting women of color technology founders, broadening access to capital for entrepreneurs, broadening access to capital for minority entrepreneurs, broadening access to capital for women of color technology founders, and preventing discrimination.


For information on how to join the iNTENT Manifesto online class on growing communities of women of color entrepreneurs, and supporting diversity in entrepreneurship,  send an email to info@intentmanifesto.com